Ace Cloud Hosting – Pricing Plans and Review

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Thousands of small business owners and bloggers regularly search for cloud ace, ACRCloud, GCP ace, acecloudhosting, etc., because they need Ace Cloud Hosting.

This classification is determined by several factors such as characteristics, implementation, etc. It is administered by members of the professional accounting community who have credits such as CPA, EA, and NSA.

As per the above, Ace Cloud Habitat is classified as 5 years. Ace Cloud Hosting is an application housing provider renowned for providing cloud solutions for various industries, such as accounting, retailing, tax, professional services, etc. Ace is also an official commercial host and a provider of QuickBooks Solutions that may sell Qualcomm Real licenses. For your user.

What is Ace Cloud Hosting?

Ace Cloud Hosting is a cloud host supplier for small and business companies. We are renowned for our experience in accounting accommodations (such as QuickBooks), taxes (such as ATX), manufacturing (such as the SEZ 300 CRE), and other commercial applications.

A central office in Florida, United States, we have over 20,000 users in over 40 countries in the accounting, finance, law and construction industries.

As a QuickBooks solution supplier, Ace Cloud Hosting, QuickBooks also sells Real Intuit products at affordable prices. We are a Microsoft Tier 1 (Direct) partner under the CSP program, and we offer several Office 365 products.

Ace Cloud and Customer Service Accommodation Support:

Forever Support: To provide a free solution in the cloud and a seamless customer experience, we have a team of friendly and qualified experts who are always available at our services throughout the year. Customers can contact us by phone call, direct chat, or email to get assistance or consultation to get immediate support.

Ace Cloud Hosting Pricing:

We have 4 basic plans, Standard, Prime to Business, which cater to all business needs. We offer 90% discount for the first 30 days for QuickBooks/App accommodation services.

CPA Practice Consultants reviewed ACE Cloud Hosting this year, and the factors below found positive reviews for ACE Cloud Hosting:

1. Inuit Authorized:

Ace Cloud Hosting has partnered with Inuit as an official commercial host under the Inuit (IHP) hosting program. This is a quality sign, as we are certified by Inuit to offer the best QuickBooks accommodation services and sell a genuine QuickBooks license at discounted prices. We are also a QuickBooks solutions supplier, which has authorized us to sell genuine Inuit products to customers with a QuickBooks license.

2. QuickBooks Hosting:

Ace Cloud Hosting provides a secure and robust environment that provides a QuickBooks desk entirely in the cloud. Professionals can access their accounting process anytime and anywhere in the cloud and host each QuickBooks Pro, Premiere, Enterprise, and Desk Counter version. Customers can also choose a QuickBooks server with specialized resources to execute multiple applications simultaneously in high-demand computer environments.

3. CPA Hosting:

Ace Cloud Hosting provides a private cloud workspace with unlimited cloud storage where accounting ads like Avalara, Accounting CS, Accountant, etc. They can make multiple applications. Apart from this, other applications are also available for electronic commerce. , sales location, inventory management, etc. CPA can scale your cloud solution according to changes in commercial requirements without changing existing local IT infrastructure.

4. Industry-Specific Solutions:

ACE Cloud provides accounting, retailing, manufacturing, tax, non-profit, law, education, and tailor-made for professionals in various industries. You can adjust and configure the cloud solution according to commercial needs.

With a solution exclusive to our industry, it enjoys the convenience of accessing its applications from any internet device, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Save time with the purpose and maintenance of local IT infrastructure with Administered Cloud Solutions.

5. Sage Application Hosting:

ACE Cloud Hosting provides an automated, scalable and sophisticated housing solution that meets the need of every commercial operation, whether commercial, construction, or tax-related.

6. VDI Solutions:

ACE Cloud Hosting provides virtual desktop solutions that fully manage VDI. You can use virtual desktops on your device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) anytime and anywhere. Depending on the commercial applications, you can also choose the configuration based on the current requirements and pay per the usage. We provide VDI services Desk-Waves, Workspace-E-Series, Virtual Desktop Accommodation, Managed VMware Desk, and Administered Citrix Desktop.

ACE Cloud Accommodation guarantees up to 30 days of data availability and collection, optimum security with multifactor authentication for secure desktop access, and more. When you can continue facing a disaster without any hindrance with our multiple infrastructures.

7. 99.999% Uptime:

ACE Cloud Hosting offers a 99,999% Activity Time Guarantee so that your business is accessible anytime without any inconvenience. Our multiple infrastructures and error tolerant system ensure no idling times during maintenance activities or even during disasters.

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